Ron Gold

Cruising Chair

2020 Cruising Calendar

NSYC 2020 Cruising Calendar ….. CLICK HERE


All scheduled dates & locations are subject to change due to weather conditions.  Early departure Fridays or long weekend are optional.  You are responsible for making your own reservations at Yacht Clubs for these weekends. Sign up for email notifications.  Watch the Club Bulletin Board for up to date information.  Please contact cruising chair Ron Gold at if you have any questions or suggestions

Monitor channel 78 on your VHF. Each sponsored North Shore Yacht Club cruise will have a predetermined Head of the Cruise. Advise the Head of the Cruise that you plan to attend the cruise and advise of your whereabouts (feel free to come and go as you please, but keep in mind the Head of the Cruise is responsible for keeping track of all boats). Be advised that the final destination for these cruises may change at the last moment due to weather conditions. Only the Head of the Cruise will have the latest update (not the Club Steward).

If you cut your cruise short or arrive early, please advise the Head of the Cruise via channel 78 or cell phone (if available).

Please bring wine, beer or other beverages and appetizers to share for most of our cruises as the social aspect of our famous Happy Hours is one of our favorite aspects! It is possible the boats may raft up, however, the decision may be made to anchor and hold the Happy Hour aboard one or more boats. Dinghy rides are generally available between boats.

The Target Cruise dates are ones where we try and get a group together to head off to that harbor and either meet up to anchor or stay at the local club.  Reservations are usually made by each member separately, and if you have a dink, it is always good to bring it along to make it easier to visit with the other boats, whether for a cocktail or morning coffee. Please don’t hesitate to contact me about any questions you have.  These harbors are all ones where it is relatively easy to get in and out of them, anchor or find a mooring, so these trips can be made by veteran cruisers, racers or new sailors alike.  We have been known to work in buddy systems to help anyone who is trying a cruise and anchoring for the first time, even by coming aboard to assist in the task, as well as talking in advance about the best course to get there and what to shop for to make the experience more rewarding and comfortable for everyone. Come out and enjoy, and bring back great stories and memories.

There is nothing like that first sunset at anchor with other club members toasting to a great day, except maybe that first full moon or sunrise with a freshly brewed cup of coffee watching the birds circle above in the nearby trees.